Casino Royale

Casino Royale The First James Bond Movie Starring Daniel Craig

This film is the first Bond movie starring Daniel Craig. Casino Royale took the time in the early moments of Bond's career, after obtaining the status of the double-o. For those who are not familiar with the Bond series, in short James Bond is an agent of MI6, the British intelligence agency with code 007. Much like the CIA agents in his country if Barack Obama.

The plot revolves around the Casino Royale MI6 mission to dismantle a giant plot full of terrorists, criminals, etc. Lead they found originated from the terrorist who was mentioned above. Further instructions then lead to a black world banker named Le Chiffre (Mikkelsen). Le Chiffre is known as a money launderer or practically as well as a banker who was the keeper of the money from criminals, and play it in the gambling tables at Casino Royale he has. Overall, the film is fun to watch once. You will get the Bond romp on the roof of the building in the style of parkour athletes. Actions fistfight exciting shootout.

A Town Called Panic

Old Story About Life Of Cowboy That Become One Of The Best Movie

A Town Called Panic (in French, Panique au village) is a series that is distributed pleh Aardman Animations and manufactured in Belgium by Vincent Patar and Stéphane Aubier's La Parti & Pic Pic André. The storyline of this film follows the daily events of Cowboy, Indian and Horse, the main character in the series, in a small town. Cowboy (Coboy) is a toy cowboy dressed in trousers and a blue shirt with a hat. Cowboy portrayed as a character rather cowardly and not smart enough. The nature sometimes makes it involved in a bad situation. Indian (Indien) is a figure similar to American tribal leaders dressed in yellow shirt and pants.

He is described as a figure that is more mature than the Cowboy and a little scared of the Horse. Horse itself is a character that was as smart animals with Cowboy and Indian. Horse is described as a quiet character and do not act stupid like Cowboy and Indian. Each episode lasted five minutes and is described in an animation that resembles a cheap toy. A Town Called Panic is shown to the whole world through the channels, such as ABC Rollercoaster in Australia, Nicktoons Network in the United States (US), EBS in South Korea, and Teletoon in Canada, and could even be available online at Atom Films. In the UK, A Town Called Panic aired on Nickelodeon.

A Monster in Paris

Love Story Tale Wrapped In Animation Effect That Will Make You Amazed

A story set in the 1910s, features images of classic that does not reduce the impression of the beautiful city of Paris. In addition to displaying characters funny, the film also inserts a musical element, visible when Lucille and Francoeur with the talent to sing and play guitar cunning. Romantic impression of Paris was still displayed, the romance between Emile and Maude (Madeline Zima). A Monster in Paris trying to remind us of how people sometimes forget about the nature of humanity itself in order to pursue an ambition. This is illustrated in the figure of the monster Francoeur kind, contrasts with Maynott, people from the ranks of the elite, which was very selfish and think of others is low.

The film that has the original title Un Monstre a Paris, is believed to be able to entertain a wide range of backgrounds and ages. Although A Monster in Paris manifold animation, but the story can also be enjoyed by adults. Overall, this film is a spectacle family, with fresh stories that highlight the theme of honesty and humanity.


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